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Minggu, 25 Januari 2009

Fenomena Teh Rosella Untuk Kesehatan

Rosella phenomenon Tea For Health

Later this many people said that tea rosella have myriad health benefits. The phenomenon will savor traditional crops is often appear occasionally to the surface, like green tea and fruit mengkudu some time ago was once a booming consumption of many people.

As the hype that appear related to iming-iming health benefits is not all have a strong research base, but only propaganda from the manufacturers, but some of them are actually have benefits to health with the basic research that can be, considering again, that the plant the traditional scientific womb indeed have various natural chemical and some of them as nutritious medicines from chemical synthesis.

The final goal in the more things like this certainly one of them is in the prevention of the reasons mengkonsumsinya simply follow-follow-up without actually know the benefits, as well as more focus determine who is suitable to use it.

About Rosella

Although tea rosella for some people still considered the invention of new, in fact not so. As one of the traditional type of plants in relation to health, rosella enough is known in Indonesia, but perhaps in a slightly different terms.

Kelopok flower plants often referred to as the first frambozen and materials used in the red syrup. Rosella who come from Africa dikabarkan also found many plants as a fence in countries such as Sudan, Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil, Panama, and some areas of Australia and the United States mostly have little tropical climate patterns or subtropical also has a unique flavor.

In Indonesia alone, rosella first found in Java by Dutch botanist origin, L'obel after the year 1576 be carried by Indian merchant-trader in the early 14-century. Name this plant before it is known as the green rosella is mrambos, Jarot acid, and acid Rejang, while overseas sebutannya also diverse as Jamaican sorell, Oseille rouge, Quimbombo Chino, Carcade, Bisap latin name but a standard that is often known Hibiscus Sabdariffa.

Unlike with some other type of traditional crops, the womb is not the main interest lies in the kelopaknya but the wine-colored, thick and fleshy. Before the flare penyeduhan techniques, many of mengkonsumsinya also in the form of fresh or dried, such as candy, and even additional material in the salad, pudding and as a syrup.

Experts who conduct their research on this record crop farmakologis effects of oxygen-zatnya womb, and the more dense color sheath with a sour taste due to the actual mixing active vitamin C, citric acid and acid glikolat trusted experts earlier this property that contains the larger of the health care outside the target for the purpose of therapy.

Materials and Effects On Farmakologis Rosella

Material from the main active rosella flower sheath is grosipeptin, antosianin, gluside hibiscin, but the most frequently mentioned in reference flavanoid that function is important as antioxidants. Gynecology vitamin essentially own quite a lot from the vitamin C content of 260-280 mg per 100 gramnya, vitamin B1, B2, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin D, betakaroten, as well as other minerals such as iron, calcium and amino acids, polisakarida, even omega 3.

Flavanoid popularity several decades up to the top antioksidannya function in preventing cancer activities triggered by the radical-free radical in the body, while many other direferentasikan womb to hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, diuretik, antibakterial and antiseptic, vitamin deficiency osteoporosis from the womb to kalsiumnya.

Specifically for the disease diabetes, the more targeted use, role in kadar flavanoid neutralize free radical damage to cells as a trigger betapankreas where insulin maker recently become important discussion on the research conducted terhadapnya, besides flavanoid role in many research on penuaan early prevention of the effects of antioxidants have also discussed many starts in a few references that discuss the use of this rosella including amino acids from the womb arginin and leginin a role in the rejuvenation of the body including the skin cells.

Begitupun, there has been no research on the clear differences in function of the diversity of khasiatnya type rosella which can vary slightly the growth in the country of origin, for example, there is the type that tends to rosella Cranberry red keunguan with not too sour taste, or type rosella Taiwan once the dominant red segarnya and usually unnecessary diseduh too long.

Anjurannya may still be limited to the use of its own goal, where sour taste of the form from the womb of a combination of active vitamin C along with some type of acid is more on the type of contrast rosella a bright red, while also notes there are no differences between the kinds of flavanoid - kind of type before, as the womb of the most active is often called an in-penjabaran benefits, but some research is the womb that can flavanoid much reduced heating in the old.

In conjunction with the herb hypertension and cancer prevention, a research Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology Chung Shan Medical University in Taiwan found that the fetus from the natural pigment sheath rosella dry enough effective in preventing the death and apoptosis (selfdestruction) HL60 cancer cells that contribute to many in patogenesis leukimia.

Consumption of the recommended dose as the standard for each target is also still very diverse, and there is no discussion about the form of processing where the rosella is the most useful outside the processing of tea leaves are now being increased. But may later midst who are still not clear this will be terjelaskan with more detail, as though penggunannya already started many centuries ago, the new popularity rosella flare not so long, or vice versa would be lost as a phenomenon that appears just right course.


Masalah Lansia Dengan Keluhan Mengigau

Problems With Lansia complaint delirious

Delirious symptoms are often found in the information age (elderly) interference with the functions of the brain, which is marked with the introduction into the awareness of, the existence of conscious awareness and not fully aware.

Talk is one of the important issues in the field of elderly (geriatrics) because of this situation are often found in the elderly, but also many things that can cause and the impact of social diakibatkannya.

Delirious term is widely used for things such as: diosentris time and place (do not know at this time and not knowing where to be), loss of memory right, the inability to understand what other people are, not known to speak, and others.

Among the people-patients treated in the hospital, about 5-10% showed signs delirious. On-cancer patients treated at the hospital can be found on the talk about 25% of cases, while about 50% of people with the disease in the end (of death) to talk to the phase-phase of the disease.

Penatalaksanaan effective against this dititikberatkan delirious to understand the causes and mechanism of the occurrence.

In general, the talk in the elderly can be classified as a cause of intriksik (due to a deviation occurs in the brain) and causes ekstrinsik (due to the difference comes from outside the brain), including medicines.

Gajala and alerts:
At first the talk by the awareness that foggy / cloudy, the level of awareness that is aware of and does not fully aware.
Awareness and vigilance are declining, and most often feel sleepy arise. Apart from that, the disease can occur in the relatively short time, disorientation, disturbance of concentration and mind power remember, along with fear and mistrust.
Talk in this situation often worsened in the night with terganggunya sleep cycle, which is called the sundowner syndrome.Akibatnya, control does not become a good personality, for example, people who become more craven fear, distrust become more suspicious, pencemas become nervous, and that will tend to depression attempt suicide. Can also dream of going bad.

For people who talk in-patients, the role of the mengasuhnya is very important, with attention on the patient's health, the provision of food and drink enough, and others. People should not be moved from an environment that has been dikenalnya well, except when this is necessary.
Lighting the lamp on the night will be able to convince more people because most people become more brave in a room with good lighting and pengasuhnya that have dikenalnya.
People-people do not kooperaktif may not be so understanding about what they needed, because terganggunya awareness and reduce the fear that their ability to understand what other people say.
Circumstances so often require a more thorough explanation and repeatedly. Therefore, the patience of pengasuhnya in the rear of a delirious enough penting.Akibat sometimes cause fear that exceeds feeling fear and death.
In fact, many people talk worry that they will go crazy and try to cover up the symptoms of dialaminya.Dalam this case, the need to pengasuhnya convinced that even if people say or do anything strange that as a result of the disease, pengasuhnya must still confront them as people trolley.
If the use of drugs for this, followed by a delirious, the drug should be stopped, if you need to be replaced with another drug. Can be the medicines that are used for this new cause of talk, because the drug has not reached a sufficient degree in the body to cause delirious.
Sedation can reduce the delirious, to overcome fear or a more serious situation. Sometimes people nervous, so sedation is required, but the drugs should be considered carefully as this may aggravate the situation sometimes people.
Furthermore, the need to give attention to the needs of all people and an adequate plan for further treatment. The best treatment is the cause.


Gatal di Daerah Intim

At the Regional itchy Intim

A woman came to the clinic to bring the problem reproduksinya. Women who married just say this every time the first period did not themselves have a problem around the vagina. But now every time period itself often feel itchy-itchy around the vagina to selangkangan. Saking gatalnya he often claw-garuk until skin abrasions to the surrounding reddish color when exposed to acute and shorts.

To reduce the gatalnya vagina he always washed with warm water and a special washer fluid femininity that many are sold in the market. Is this itch-itch related to the sexual relationship with her husband or this happens because the band does not match that used for the skin around the vagina (cause allergic)? Will this also be a particular disease.

Itching in the vagina is a problem which is the. In fact this problem is common to every woman. That he was feeling it felt after the marriage.

When he is eager to read the possibility of the occurrence of this relationship as intimate with her husband, then the possibility exists. Chance of precipitation can also be due to wrapping. To distinguish what is more dominant cause itchiness this time is to observe the occurrence of itchiness earlier.

When the deal emerged soon after the intimate, the conclusion can be taken while it is because of this. But when the dominant at the time of the bandage, the possibility for sensitive or shelf pemakaiannya the bandage too long. If this should happen to change the dressing and the use of other brands can not bandage too long. Change dressing every time berkemih.

Itch felt around the vagina usually arise from the fungus in the area itu.Di the tropical climate with high kelembapan as our country is, indeed easy to grow mushrooms. It must be understood with the pattern that is easy to grow mushroom we must always keep the vagina and surrounding areas to remain dry and clean.

Try not to use a bandage that is wet or wet pants in the (usually after berkemih). Change in the pants more often in a day. This should be further enhanced when women get cramps, when travel / work or when often / always wear tight pants and thick. Try to get the vagina so that the air in the lower level kelembapan area.

If the complaint is more eager to deal with the pattern of intimate relationships should be anti-fungus medication for the wife and husband. When treatment is only directed at the wife of course, at the intimate touch after treatment the fungus that may have on the husband will move back to his wife and complaints will arise again.

To prove whether the difference in the vagina is a fungus, should conduct the examination with a doctor to take a few examples of areas that have not proven to mushroom in the area earlier.


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