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Minggu, 25 Januari 2009

Gatal di Daerah Intim

At the Regional itchy Intim

A woman came to the clinic to bring the problem reproduksinya. Women who married just say this every time the first period did not themselves have a problem around the vagina. But now every time period itself often feel itchy-itchy around the vagina to selangkangan. Saking gatalnya he often claw-garuk until skin abrasions to the surrounding reddish color when exposed to acute and shorts.

To reduce the gatalnya vagina he always washed with warm water and a special washer fluid femininity that many are sold in the market. Is this itch-itch related to the sexual relationship with her husband or this happens because the band does not match that used for the skin around the vagina (cause allergic)? Will this also be a particular disease.

Itching in the vagina is a problem which is the. In fact this problem is common to every woman. That he was feeling it felt after the marriage.

When he is eager to read the possibility of the occurrence of this relationship as intimate with her husband, then the possibility exists. Chance of precipitation can also be due to wrapping. To distinguish what is more dominant cause itchiness this time is to observe the occurrence of itchiness earlier.

When the deal emerged soon after the intimate, the conclusion can be taken while it is because of this. But when the dominant at the time of the bandage, the possibility for sensitive or shelf pemakaiannya the bandage too long. If this should happen to change the dressing and the use of other brands can not bandage too long. Change dressing every time berkemih.

Itch felt around the vagina usually arise from the fungus in the area itu.Di the tropical climate with high kelembapan as our country is, indeed easy to grow mushrooms. It must be understood with the pattern that is easy to grow mushroom we must always keep the vagina and surrounding areas to remain dry and clean.

Try not to use a bandage that is wet or wet pants in the (usually after berkemih). Change in the pants more often in a day. This should be further enhanced when women get cramps, when travel / work or when often / always wear tight pants and thick. Try to get the vagina so that the air in the lower level kelembapan area.

If the complaint is more eager to deal with the pattern of intimate relationships should be anti-fungus medication for the wife and husband. When treatment is only directed at the wife of course, at the intimate touch after treatment the fungus that may have on the husband will move back to his wife and complaints will arise again.

To prove whether the difference in the vagina is a fungus, should conduct the examination with a doctor to take a few examples of areas that have not proven to mushroom in the area earlier.

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