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Minggu, 25 Januari 2009

Masturbasi Menyebabkan Kebutaan

Masturbasi cause blindness

Myth says masturbasi can cause blindness, male impotence or psychosis. Meanwhile, the woman could have been a lost virginity, not fertile, and not forceful weak. While not entirely correct. In fact masturbasi is a universal activity and has been done since the era of human first. But many do not confess.

Masturbasi according to experts seksologi also reasonably be women. Especially since the emergence of phenomena that make women's freedom over respect body. In principle, do indeed masturbasi can cause feelings of guilt and is seen as weakness.

But on the other hand research shows that they bermasturbasi four times a day for several years will not be suffering from the disease pun.Bahkan what many married men and women also do so. Not because they were not satisfied with the party, but occasionally want fun with the self masturbasi.

However the experts do not recommend very often. All that would be less abundant good. There is no reason to feel guilty doing masturbasi, although already married.

Research has proven that they are often bermasturbasi will have sex more often and the spouse. Often the men and women to feel pleasure as orgasme release stress or just because it does not want to inflame but to the whole process of sex.

Experts think masturbasi is also learn how to create a body including sex couples together so well. Men can use as a way masturbasi control orgasme. Meanwhile, women can learn how easy orgasme. However, opinion is not necessary when masturbasi already perfect in sex is mistaken. In fact, many couples masturbasi together and enjoy.

When Si Small Bermasturbasi

Children, sometimes even five practices have held kelaminnya tool. This phase, known as genital phase. There are two causes of why children often hold kelaminnya tool. Can itch or the lack of hygiene are delicious taste of the tool kelaminnya.

When you left, will take a long time so habit. Some suggestions that parents can do include:

1. Check with the soft. With the parents ask why can mengedukasi what the child is not good.

2. Cuddle and give attention. When the children get enough attention and intimate interaction with their parents, it will be practical teralihkan of the habit. Love of parents is more effective in children than menasehati emphatic way.

3. Ajak play. Divert attention with a toy the child is a rare delight effective. Of course parents should assist so that it does not repeat kebiasaannya.

Avoid errors when some warn that the small holding kelaminnya like:

1. Mempermalukan children. Memarahinya or ridicule in front of other people so that children would be ashamed to do will not make a child stop kebiasaannya. In fact, we can build a false perception on the matter of child sex.

2. Refuse hands of children. No verbal explanation or just turn your hands so that children do not hold kelaminnya tool will not make them understand the location of the error.

3. Bristle with high emotion. When a small tool like holding kelaminnya, most oangtua ashamed and want to show superioritasnya with memarahinya. This would make communication patterns of parents and children become damaged and is not likely the child will bermasturbasi secretly.

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