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Minggu, 25 Januari 2009

Masalah Lansia Dengan Keluhan Mengigau

Problems With Lansia complaint delirious

Delirious symptoms are often found in the information age (elderly) interference with the functions of the brain, which is marked with the introduction into the awareness of, the existence of conscious awareness and not fully aware.

Talk is one of the important issues in the field of elderly (geriatrics) because of this situation are often found in the elderly, but also many things that can cause and the impact of social diakibatkannya.

Delirious term is widely used for things such as: diosentris time and place (do not know at this time and not knowing where to be), loss of memory right, the inability to understand what other people are, not known to speak, and others.

Among the people-patients treated in the hospital, about 5-10% showed signs delirious. On-cancer patients treated at the hospital can be found on the talk about 25% of cases, while about 50% of people with the disease in the end (of death) to talk to the phase-phase of the disease.

Penatalaksanaan effective against this dititikberatkan delirious to understand the causes and mechanism of the occurrence.

In general, the talk in the elderly can be classified as a cause of intriksik (due to a deviation occurs in the brain) and causes ekstrinsik (due to the difference comes from outside the brain), including medicines.

Gajala and alerts:
At first the talk by the awareness that foggy / cloudy, the level of awareness that is aware of and does not fully aware.
Awareness and vigilance are declining, and most often feel sleepy arise. Apart from that, the disease can occur in the relatively short time, disorientation, disturbance of concentration and mind power remember, along with fear and mistrust.
Talk in this situation often worsened in the night with terganggunya sleep cycle, which is called the sundowner syndrome.Akibatnya, control does not become a good personality, for example, people who become more craven fear, distrust become more suspicious, pencemas become nervous, and that will tend to depression attempt suicide. Can also dream of going bad.

For people who talk in-patients, the role of the mengasuhnya is very important, with attention on the patient's health, the provision of food and drink enough, and others. People should not be moved from an environment that has been dikenalnya well, except when this is necessary.
Lighting the lamp on the night will be able to convince more people because most people become more brave in a room with good lighting and pengasuhnya that have dikenalnya.
People-people do not kooperaktif may not be so understanding about what they needed, because terganggunya awareness and reduce the fear that their ability to understand what other people say.
Circumstances so often require a more thorough explanation and repeatedly. Therefore, the patience of pengasuhnya in the rear of a delirious enough penting.Akibat sometimes cause fear that exceeds feeling fear and death.
In fact, many people talk worry that they will go crazy and try to cover up the symptoms of dialaminya.Dalam this case, the need to pengasuhnya convinced that even if people say or do anything strange that as a result of the disease, pengasuhnya must still confront them as people trolley.
If the use of drugs for this, followed by a delirious, the drug should be stopped, if you need to be replaced with another drug. Can be the medicines that are used for this new cause of talk, because the drug has not reached a sufficient degree in the body to cause delirious.
Sedation can reduce the delirious, to overcome fear or a more serious situation. Sometimes people nervous, so sedation is required, but the drugs should be considered carefully as this may aggravate the situation sometimes people.
Furthermore, the need to give attention to the needs of all people and an adequate plan for further treatment. The best treatment is the cause.

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